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About metal incorporated


I began Metal Incorporated in all actuality, decades ago. From helping to promote local bands shows, help them put together events, and helping them push their social media networks and streaming platforms. From this passion of helping bands that I discover to grow by organic means, I developed a community with these bands which eventually became street teams, a online magazine, working with radio stations and promoters, this in turn became a entity back then that I called, Unbound Productions. It went worldwide eventually helping larger acts along with staying true to my intentions of assisting local bands that I enjoyed. Fast forward to now, I brought back the metal community aspect that I was involved with back then and turned it into, Metal Incorporated, a online community of bands helping each other out, which has ultimately helped Metal Incorporated Join forces with, Sodeh Records, so Metal Incorporated has now become a affiliate label under Sodeh Records to bring you exciting new bands to bang your head to across all genres of metal and hard rock! We're always looking for heavy hitting bands so feel free to show us what you've got! If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, Hit us up!

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