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And He Shall Sing The Song That Will Destroy It All! The Divine Beast Shall Rise!

Review for the music of Armagelion, which can be enjoyed with the links at the bottom of this review!

You're deep in thought, focusing on the sound of your heart pounding in your chest. The crowd begins to cheer as the band on stage finishes their set with a resounding, "thank you, you've all kicked ass for us tonight but the show isn't over so stick around for the divine beast!". All you can think about is this moment, you are here, they are here, and time stands still in this moment. Your breath comes in forced labor as you center yourself in preparation, you hear the stagehand begin to announce you, you feel the ice cold shock deep in the pit of your stomach, this is it. All the arduous practice, the monotony of going over each and every single little thing, down to the smallest of detail, religiously to the point of fanaticism, just so things simply go as smoothly as humanly possible, it's all lead here, to this moment. You hear your band name announced, you feel the crowd surge as the lights turn on and the heat feels unbearable against your face, you approach the stage, grab the mic, and push all those fears and anxieties to the side, after all, this is it, this is the moment you've been waiting for and working toward, it's time to hit the stage, welcome to the show!

Armagelion, the name brings forth thoughts of Armageddon and destruction. The images that are presented to the viewers are that of some mighty ruler or powerful figure. And the music is a fantastic throwback to a almost forgotten era of music and it all just works and makes sense the deeper you dive into the mythos that IS Armagelion, it is the divine beast. The one who will come and destroy it all and create again with the sound of music, we are simply followers of the divine beast for it moves us all and this music is definitely something that will get you moving, straight to the front of the crowd with your fists raised high in praise of Armagelion and the divine beast!

The music here from Armagelion is something that, for me, was a huge welcome. Having been a 80's baby myself, I simply love that old arena rock meets metal sound and Armagelion has completely tapped in to this era of music that seems to have almost disappeared unless you happen to be listening to the classic rock radio station, or if you're a bit older like me, you dust off your cd collection and take a ripping trip down memory lane. Images of packed arenas, tattered clothing, leather, tiger stripes, and so much hair spray holding up that ridiculous ratted out hair to kill the ozone layer, fill my mind as I listen to these tracks, it's unreal and uncanny just how damn accurate this music is, as if Armagelion studied the complete ins and outs of the music scene of the 80's. But, even with that being said, Armagelion puts their own spin on things and also creates their own atmosphere with their stage antics and persona with the divine beast mythos. The music flows powerfully and yet you're left wondering, just who exactly is this "divine beast" and why is it so menacing through this amazing music? Armagelion at it's core is a mystery, who are these robed and hooded monks who play this music for the divine beast and just who is this fantastical looking creature who praises the divine beast through metal and rock hymns on the microphone? We never are told a thing, aside from simply to enjoy the show and rock out to our own destruction in praise of the divine beast as it creates our new world painted in this awesome music as it's likeness. All hail the divine beast!

The first foray into the music of Armagelion is a monster of a song called, Welcome To The Show. I love this song, no joke, this song is in my regular rotation and I'm sure my neighbors can sing along to the lyrics with it because of how many times I'm certain they've heard me blast it. The very opening of this song sets the mood and you just know that this song is needed to be cranked up to 11. The rocking melodies drive the song forward and the chorus is an absolute banger that begs you to pump your fist in the air and sing along with the lyrics regardless of how ridiculous you look, this song kicks ass. Welcome To The Show is not only insanely catchy, but it truly embodies everything that you'd expect from music such as this, mesmerizing guitars, killer riffs, blazing guitar solos, powerful vocal delivery, this song IS the 80's arena rock scene in one total and complete package. I beg any fan of this style of music to say otherwise. Simply put, if you're a fan of or just in the mood for bands the likes of The Scorpions, Skid Row, Cinderella, Dokken, Def Leppard, and even Bon Jovi, don't hesitate, there's no need to hide it, the 80's were awesome, embrace it and blast this fucking song! This shit gives me chills when I listen to it, I'm not even messing around here.

Lie To Me is the next musical offering from the divine beast. This song hits on notes of the arena rock ballad persuasion. Lie To Me is another catchy song that will most assuredly get stuck in your brain matter for the duration of the day, especially that chorus. Slippery When Wet era Bon Jovi fans would feel right at home here with this track as the riffs play right into your heart strings and tug and pull on them the only way that a true 80's arena rock ballad can. This song keeps the fist pumping tempo going with powerful musical delivery on all fronts and facets, strong vocals accompany silky smooth transitions, the bass and drum attack fall in line nicely alongside the 80's keyboards and it all just comes together masterfully. This music was definitely crafted with painful attention to detail that not only pays homage to this type of music, but also delivers a fresh listening experience for fans of this genre.

The final track from Armagelion thus far that we can listen to is titled, Playing With Fire, and I must admit that I'm pretty sad that this musical journey is over, until new music is released from this divine beast that is. Playing With Fire is yet another strong entry into Armagelion's musical arsenal and hears them hitting all the notes and checking all the boxes needed to complete a fantastic song from beginning to end. The guitar work on this track seems to be a slight step up from the previous track with more thought out melodies and a great solo that moves and flows with the song in ways that make you wonder if this guitarist might be a student of someone the likes of Richie Sambora, it really is that good. The constant build up of this song keeps the energy alive in a very refreshing manner. This is the type of music that no matter how shitty your day has been, you'll find yourself tapping your toes, banging your head and cranking it up with a wide smile on your face. The feeling this song gives off is just pure energy and it's very intoxicating.

Armagelion is a beast of a band. The music they have created is a breath of fresh air in a metal and rock scene that seems to be overflowing with copy cat bands and over produced garbage, Armagelion stands on their own in defiance and creates something that, despite it being heavily influenced by elements of the past, they present unique music that can hold it's own in the present day scene. They may not be heavy or brutal, but damnit if they don't absolutely bring their "A" game and rock the house in their own way. If you're looking for something new, something different, or something that brings nostalgic vibes to your day, give Armagelion a follow on their social media pages and show your support by listening to the three singles I have linked down below. I know that Armagelion are cooking up something fresh so follow them and be on the look out for a big announcement from them. New music from these guys will definitely be a treat and I am looking forward to hearing what they've been up to. Since these songs are all simply singles, I am not grading them as I always do with my reviews, that being said, all of these songs have passed my personal tests when reviewing music for bands with flying colors, they're absolutely stellar, and if they happen to release a new EP or a new full length album, whatever it may be that they're currently hard at work on, I'll be on that like hair spray on a 80's hair cut! All hail the divine beast! If you'd like to get a more in depth look at just who The Divine Beast is of Armagelion, hit up the interview they did with the Metal For The Masses Radio Show down below.

Review done by Joshuah Jones, the bassist of The Obsidian Resurrection.

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Joshuah Jones
Joshuah Jones
May 11, 2023

Excellent music! 🤘🏻

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