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As Darkness Led To The Light....

Review for the latest singles from Screams Of Tranquility, which can be heard right here!

A surreal scene is painted before you. The calm lulls you inside it's warm embrace. Everything here feels just right. Until.... you hear it. Somewhere off in the distance, something isn't right. The tranquil setting seems to feel phony, giving off a sense of false hope, as the screams in the distance grow more apparent. There's definitely something not right here, but you can't find it, only feel it. This is the song and dance of the music from Screams Of Tranquility. It keeps your spirits high, but also fills you with a sense of despair that anything could happen at any given moment. Frantic at times, serene at others, Marc Pro masterfully crafts these songs from within the eye of the storm that is Screams Of Tranquility, it's his storm, to be exact, and the storm his music brings is a powerful one indeed.

We begin this storm chasing event with the brand new single track titled, No Foot's Print Ever Laid. That calm and tranquil vibe sets the stage before morphing into a beast of nightmares. Beautiful arrangements of strings, piano and choirs flow across the landscape with some fantastic work done before the heavy riffing comes in like a monolith of metal destroying the scene. Anguish laden riffing comes in heavy before shifting gears into colossal vocals and guitars that shatter your reality in this song, it comes out of nowhere and pulls you through this songs emotional ups and downs. Filled with fantastic guitar melodies, leads and solos that drive some absolute bangers of guitar riffs throughout the entirety of this song, No Foot's Print Ever Laid is a strong showcase of talent from Marc who writes everything himself for Screams Of Tranquility, and is a solid introduction to his skillset and the overall feel of his musical style.

Now we venture back to a couple of Marc's older releases from 2022. Up next we have, Omens Of Death. A fast and ferocious opening comes right for your jugular. Attention to detail with the build up of these musical arrangements within this track is quite impressive, it feels like a rollercoaster slowly going up to it's peak before dropping you like a ten ton hammer with vicious riffs and vocals. More strings accompany this track that lends a hand in keeping things feeling grounded amongst the songs movements. This song has more amazing riffs that will keep your head bobbing and swaying alongside Marc's amazing guitar leads and harmonies. Listening to these tracks, you can tell that he paid close attention to every note played on his fretboard, it truly is a pleasure to be listening to these songs. Skull crushing break down moments amid high flying solos with guitar riffs and melodies completely suck you in to this tracks pure raw energy.

Last up we have his other single released from 2022 titled, No Loss Will Remain. The previous song and this track are both featured on his EP of the same name, No Loss Will Remain. This track is a more streamlined approach to a metal song. You can hear the actual identifying riffs such as a verse riff, chorus, etc. But he still manages to keep things fresh in this track with his identifiable flair and guitar virtuoso, early Wintersun comes to mind. His vocals are a strong point to mention on this track as he pummels your ear drums with a commanding voice. This is a very solid song here and of the three songs I sat down to review, it might be my favorite. The fantastic riffs and overall aggressive tone of this song is heavy and the powerful moments etched in to this track add a great counterpoint to the anger, which I think is what Screams Of Tranquility is all about, dancing that fine line between light and darkness, anger and hope, the name of the musical project itself seems to evoke such images.

Screams Of Tranquility is definitely here to kick some ass, but Marc has a way in approaching his music that feels almost dreamlike in its nature. Both powerful and heavy, emotional and frantic, the music he presents to us is expertly put together and should be appreciated by any metal head within any genre of the scene. The road has been long before Marc's feet but the road in which he walks is definitely a storied one and his music helps us understand what he is all about and I couldn't be more eager to accompany him on his musical journey as he creates killer riffs and amazing moments of music for us to enjoy. You can show him your support right here on his bandcamp page and check out the tracks I reviewed and more, and also give him a follow on his social media pages and help him get his music out to more people to appreciate what he creates. I have put a video to yet another one of Marc's songs called, Tiled With Stones Of Solitude, down below for you all to enjoy as well.

Review done by Joshuah Jones, the bassist of The Obsidian Resurrection.

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