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Cold Review For Screams Of Desolation:

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Suicide of one's mind feels like it could definitely be either a moment of clarity or seemingly meaning to give up your own thoughts and dreams to someone else. Or the willingness to completely give in to ones inner self. Either way this phrase opens your senses up to many prospects of mental ilk and this, as such, happens to be the title of the latest EP from the oppressive black metal band and solo project, Screams Of Desolation, headed by Invikurous Vita Mortis. ( Link here to check it out )

To say that this music harkens back to the fundamental foundations of black metal itself is kind of cliche', but necessary. Necessary because we live in an era where true and honest black metal is worlds apart from other genres, and Screams Of Desolation truly stands firmly on its own within the community they dwell.

The opening track is a perfect example of what I meant with the previous statements. Forgotten In The Halls Of Despair truly dives deep and grips you with that freezing cold internal pain that this brand of black metal is known for. Haunting riffs, pummeling drums and screams that feel like icy fingers on a chalk board, yet still command your attention and hold you in their dark embrace. The tones captured here are very identical to those of black metal and it's very first offerings during its demonic infancy.

The next track explores, what I feel to be, a musical interpretation of succumbing to one's own demons. Fading Away From Life feels like one's own funeral knell as the crows gather. A solid tribute of sorts to old Mayhem or Dark Throne. It leaves you wanting, and in deep thought, which is exactly what I look for when listening to this genre of music, a morbid escape from reality.

Desolation is the next track up on this journey of the macabre and tortured. This one picks things up a bit with the atypical black metal tremolo blasting accompanied by drums to match. A very Ulver like approach to this song really drives this one forward with a fantastic guitar melody throughout the track that pushes it to its painful end. The vocals are painful wretches that pierce through the layers of music that really exemplify the raw emotions that are present throughout this entire release from beginning to end.

The ride comes to an eerie end here with the closing track, Cold Dark Depression. Another track that would feel welcome in any avid black metal fans collection and eerily feels like it would belong on an old black metal compilation from back in the genres early days. it sums up nicely the overall feelings that this release blesses upon the listener.

Invikurous Vita Mortis really knows how to not only tap into this genres styling but he brings with it that unsettling and mysterious atmosphere that makes it truly disturbing and special at the same time while elevating it to grotesque heights. It's a unique experience that one must indulge in to truly get the perspective that this type of music conveys. It walks many lines that most would feel uncomfortable confronting but it's only a part of the overall human experience in this life of ours. This is a solid release and a step in the right direction from his past music. This is a solid 8 out of 10 for me personally. It would have been a smidgen higher only because I felt like the journey had only just begun with this EP. I felt like it ended just when it was picking up, leaving me wanting more, but hey, maybe that was the intention all along since he is always writing more music. Give him a follow and show your support on his social media pages and all streaming platforms, and don't forget to grab a copy over on his bandcamp.

Review by Joshuah Jones, the bassist of The Obsidian Resurrection

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