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Haunting Brutality

Video for, "Bleed Into Eternity":

Cold and cavernous vocals intertwined with heavy as hell riffs in the new single, "Bleed Into Eternity", from Boston, Massachusetts metalheads known as, Voidkeeper, out now on Metal Incorporated Records and Sodeh Records!

Ever have those moments where you just don't know what to listen to in these colder months of the year? Us metalheads know that black metal is the frosty cold icing on the autumn weather cake each year, but we all still love other genres depending on our moods, so, enter, Voidkeeper. Bleed Into Eternity is the perfect blend of cavernous and cold music us fans of black metal prefer, but with hard and heavy riffs thrown in, with some seriously catchy and eerie, melodies, harmonies and guitar licks that are most welcome within this frozen hell landscape that Voidkeeper paints for us so perfectly. The intensity and tension rise to a ball busting crescendo when the absolute badass main riff of the song finally comes in about half way in, and the boys ride that summ'bitch out until the end in glorious metal fashion! Give this song a listen if you need your daily dose of adrenaline in these chilly months, it'll get your blood boiling!

You can look forward to more new music from Voidkeeper as they are gearing up to release their new album, "Of Rotten Flesh And Withered Bone", coming soon!

All links for their new single right here:

Review done by Joshuah Jones, Bassist of The Obsidian Resurrection and founder of Metal Incorporated Records.

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- Per Musicam Unitum Stamus - In Music We Stand United -

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