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Interview With A Moment Of Violence

Today in Metal Incorporated, we are trying something new, a interview with a band, prefacing a upcoming review of their music. So let's give this a shot as we get to know the Florida based band, A Moment Of Violence!

Metal Incorporated(Josh): Hey guys! glad you have taken the time to do this for us! Go ahead and give us a brief description of your band.

A Moment Of Violence(Dez and Scotty): We are “A Moment Of Violence”. Formed in the summer of 2021, we created this band to be heavy as hell, but also have you singing melody’s at the same time. We are all Florida transplants who have been playing their respective instruments for many years.

Josh: Excellent! So, when did the idea of this project come to mind and is this the original incarnation of the band as the idea or has it evolved over time?

Dez: The band came together as Scotty, and I played on a men’s league softball team together. We actually knew each other for almost six months before we had any idea that we were both musicians. We talked about forming a band for a while after that, and nothing really came of it. Then one day while we were at a team BBQ, we finally set a time to get together and start this. As the guitar player, I had my gear setup and ready to go. However, Scotty has just recently moved to Florida and didn’t have his drums with him here. So we found a reasonably priced one on Facebook marketplace, bought it, and began writing some of my old songs together. First one was “Forgiveness”. We had active adds on social media looking for the other members. It was trial and error for a lot of the initial people that we found. But once we had the right person we knew it. Very quickly the band became a reality.

Josh: Well that seems convenient and very helpful given the circumstances. How exactly did all of your bandmates come together for this project? At this time you weren't a full band yet, so how did you find the remaining members that you needed?

Scotty: Desi and I are the founding two members. We were on the same softball team for about 6 months before we even realized we were both musicians. We were listening to tunes in the parking lot over some beers after a game, and before we knew it one of us mentioned that we needed to hear some metal and were over the pop music being played. From there Desi started showing me some of his old music that he wrote and produced. I was impressed by what he showed me and we agreed that we needed to meet up sometime and jam. Brent our second guitar player came on board because his wife at the time mentioned he played guitar after hearing some of our jam sessions from across the street. That’s the funny part. Brent is Desi’s neighbor. Our guy was right across the street the whole time. After two Facebook bassists finds, a guitar center employee find, we finally came about hiring our current bassist Womp. He actually filled in for us at an open mic night once when our bass player at the time couldn’t make it. When that guy left the band for personal reasons, Womp was the next man up that didn’t hesitate when offered the job. Alex became our singer after going through about 6-7 others that came and went. It was exhausting but we’re glad we finally found our guy. Couldn’t ask for a better vocalist and team player. We found him on a Florida musicians page after posting an ad. The rest is history.

Josh: Well, it sounds like you all have a nice, tight knit metal scene over there that helps each other out! Is there meaning behind the bands name, or maybe a story? What does your band name mean to you?

Scotty: The band’s name came to me one day while I was watching a baseball game, believe it or not. Right before the national anthem, the announcer called for a moment of silence due to a recent tragedy or something of that nature. I constantly like to make puns and play with words and it came to me just like that. “A Moment of Violence”. I called Desi and said that we should make that a song or EP title. Desi then insisted we make that the name of the band, and I agreed.

Josh: Good Call. Alright, let's move on to your music. When creating music, what helps inspire you as an artist? What inspires your music for your band in general?

Dez: My inspiration comes from a burning desire I’ve always had to write something that will resonate with many people in many different genres. Also, I come from a family of musicians and music is in our blood. I grew up a fan of heavy music. Not only do I enjoy great songs, but I also will give more attention to greatly produced music. Hence the producer / engineer role in the band as well.

Josh: Sounds similar to my upbringing, music was everywhere I turned, from my father playing bass in a Rolling Stones cover band and running his own recording studio, to my grandmother playing classical music. But, enough about me, this is about all of you. Once you had everything figured out for the core concept of your band and music, how long did it take until you were able to hit the stage and how has the reception been from the crowds?

Dez: We went through multiple members. Alex our vocalist was the latest member to join. That said, earlier this year we released our very first single “Fine” and started gigging as a full band right afterward. We have played a handful of shows previously, but as an instrumental act in search of a vocalist.

Josh: Interesting, often times it's the drummer who is the difficult member to find, you guys seem to have lucked out. Any particular live shows that stick out in your mind? Be they funny moments or awesome moments from playing live.

Scotty: My favorite moment which also can be considered funny in the end would have to be from a show in Deland, Florida at a festival called Delandapalooza. I remember playing the breakdown to our track “Broken Inside” and seeing a group of kids no older that 16-17 head banging in unison. I’ve felt like the younger generation doesn’t have an appreciation for heavier music these days, and seeing them loving the music (my band’s at that) and banging their heads brought me joy. The funny part is that the same group of kids were over heard by Desi’s wife earlier in the day saying they wanted to steal a bunch of shirts from our merch booth earlier that day! Haha

Josh: That's a rather extreme form of flattery but that is still cool to hear from people watching your live show none the less. How would you say you stand out among the other bands of similar genre?

Dez: At this point, we have played with, and network with many bands in a similar genre. However, I’d say that the AMoV sound is totally fresh and unique. You can likely hear our influences in our music, but I wouldn’t say that we sound like anything or anyone in particular.

Josh: Cool, so is there any plans for a full length album in the works or anything special coming down the pipeline?

Scotty: We have something very special in the works. I can’t disclose much, but keep your eyes and ears peeled this summer for some big news from AMOV in the very near future.

Josh: Alright then, keep your secrets, wink wink(winks in Hobbit). Anything you'd like to say to your fans or to shout out to anyone?

Dez: I’d like to thank first, my family for the support and freedom that they allow me to realize our dreams. I’d also like to give a shout-out to all of the bands and industry folk that we’ve met along the way. When everyone supports one another, it makes it much easier to rise up. Lastly, keep a look out for what we have in store for everyone next. We aim to amaze all day, every day. Look for us on all of our socials.

Instagram & TikTok: @amomentofviolenceband

Josh: Awesome! And finally, who would win in a fight, The Predator or Boba Fett? Why do you think they'd win over the other?

Scotty: The Predator. He just looks like the better fighter overall. Haha!

Josh: Good answer, I happen to agree! Thank you again for your time in doing this with Metal Incorporated and may the metal gods shine down upon you.

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