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Interview With The Beast Within God.I.Am

Sometimes containing a beast for long enough can help it to find it's true meaning. When dealing with the transformative stages of change, it's healthy to try and conquer your demons for health reasons... However, in the case of Howard King of the solo project, God.I.Am, getting to know and empower your demons and exploring their true meaning can be the best approach for personal change and growth. Within the following interview we dive in to the reasons and meanings behind this projects formation and discover that sometimes allowing your demons to play and come to fruition can be beneficial to ones soul and inner peace.

Josh(Metal Incorporated): So first off, go ahead and introduce yourself.

Howard(God.I.Am): My name is Howard King, and my Solo Doom Metal project is called God.I.Am. I'm the sole songwriter, drummer, bassist and vocalist. Josh: When did the idea of this project come to life? Is it something that you've always wanted to do?

Howard: I started it back in early 2022. I had some riffs, beats and words that were going nowhere, so I decided to do them all myself. I can't say that I've always wanted to do a Solo project, but I'm glad I did because it's rewarding and gratifying. Josh: Nice, I can see how being a solo artist can be fulfilling. Is there meaning behind the bands name, or maybe a story? Can you describe your music to the reader?

Howard: God.I.Am came about because I'm the god of my particular world. There's me and mine, everyone else, and the Void that awaits. My music is my own spin on the Doom Metal genre. I set out to NOT sound like anyone/everyone else, so I developed my unique, bass driven tone. My writing style is well-suited for what I want to create, so it's a no brainer for me. Josh: That brings back memories for me of a band I was a part of called Veral Dominae back in the day which is a Latin play on words, loosely meaning, god of your own domain. You have a very unique sound and style, when creating music, what helps inspire you for this project?

Howard: Thanks. I developed my bass tone over the course of a few months, lots of trial and error, and with just 2 pedals. I knew going into it that I wanted to do all guitar work on my 5 string bass only, so my tone and song arranging were vital. That inspired me then, and with the recent addition of my 6 string bass, it inspires me even more now. Josh: That sort of reminds me of a bass only band, if I remember correctly, called, Necromantia, which are awesome! So God.I.Am is your baby, why the decision to go at it on your own? Do you miss jamming with band mates or do you prefer the solo approach and being in control?

Howard: It's not about control for me, it's about choosing a direction, then sticking with it. With God.I.Am being my baby and my Solo venture, I've removed all bullshit and directional doubt from others. My particular living area is bad for that kind of fuckery and I want NO part of that shit. My Debut album is an Occult-themed Concept album, so being the only writer/arranger was very relaxing. Josh: So Once you had everything figured out for the core concept of your band and music, how long did it take until you were able to find your style that you were looking for? Was there that, "ahha!" Moment? How has it evolved over the course of your releases?

Howard: Oh yes. My "ah-ah" moments came when I locked into the God.I.Am bass tone, then when I solidified the song arrangements. I'd say that process took around 6 months in it's entirety. The evolution of my stuff is definitely more into the down-tuned blues and heavy groove aspects of Doom Metal. Josh: I love me a nice think bass tone, and your stuff is absolutely mind blowing! Any particular high points for you with this that you'd like to share?

Howard: Sure. Releasing my album and singles by myself on Distrokid is a crowning achievement for me. I've been a drummer in a band that had an indie record label release, but I've never done the Solo thing until now. I've also done a God.I.Am-related TV interview that boasted a viewership of about 1.5 million, so that was cool. I've never been shy when it comes to shit like that. I also had an imagery video done recently that perfectly defines my song Daemon.Slave. Kimmie with Mammas Maiden Studio nailed it! Josh: Oh damn, that's awesome man! And that video is badass, good work on that! So seeing that you draw inspiration from doom metal, how would you say you stand out among the other bands of similar genre, do you think there's even other bands out there that sound like you?

Howard: I haven't heard any that sound like me, so that's cool as fuck...and I don't listen to a lot of Doom, so I'm not a fan boi of any kind. But I can say that I absofuckinlutely set out to have my own God.I.Am sound and feel. I dropped about 4 songs that I felt might be considered to sound like other Doom Metal bands. Fuck sounding like anyone else! God.I.Am is a Solo project, not a tribute act. And none of that is a dig at anyone else. To each, their own. Josh: Right on, is there anything special coming down the pipeline?

Howard: Yes. I am going to be publishing a Short Story that will coincide with the Occult concept/theme of my album. I'm pretty stoked about that! After that, I plan on releasing some follow-up God.I.Am songs and an accompanying Short Story for that, as well. Josh: Damn, you are quite the busy and multitalented man! Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans or to shout out anyone?

Howard: I recorded my EP at my friends' Steve Hawkins studio. Christopher McKinney helped out with some mix/master. My album art came from Katinka Ravenna with The Art of Katinka Ravenna. I have my shirts made through my friend Jared at, and my cassettes and CD's were done by Josh at Rotting Sun Records. My imagery video for Daemon.Slave was done by Kimmie of Mammas Maiden Studio. All of the music, concept, songwriting and chaos was created by just me. My links: Youtube links:

Social Links: Josh: Sounds like you keep a good network of friends! And finally, I like to ask..... "odd" questions at the end of each interview, so, who would win in a fight, a succubus or a cracked out prostitute going through withdrawals? And, why?

Howard: Haha!! Dude...that succubus doesn't stand a chance. A jonesing Crack Whore is a force all it's own. Why, you ask? Have you ever seen a Crack Hoe scrap??!

Josh: Haha! Yeah that jonesing crack head chick can take on King Kong until she gets her fix!

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