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Pummeling Review For Enmity, Demagoguery:

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Review for the latest full length album out from Enmity, who's music is created over the country's of Jordan, Indonesia, and France, titled, Demagoguery, available here now!

War, war never changes. And it seems war themes within metal never changes either. Bringing forth images of leveled villages and razed cities, napalm as far as the eye can see, war has always been an ugly side of human nature from centuries past to present day. Metal with an emphasis on war seems fitting however with the heavy and brutal nature of this overall genre of music, almost like it goes hand in hand with hand grenades, a match made in fox holes, if you will. Enmity taps into these violent scenarios and offers up some incredibly heavy music that reminds us all that war is, and forever will be, hell.

Opening this onslaught wide open is the track, My Enemy. immediately I'm reminded of Formulas or Gates era Morbid Angel. Enmity seems to be tapping into that vein here of old school thrash metal that walks a fine line bordering on early death metal such as Possessed and Slayer, but with guttural vocals that rumble deep from within. I'm quite excited to hear what's next, this is the type of metal that will wake you up in the morning!

The Bullet That Kills You is up next and I love the catchy opening reminiscent of classic Bolt thrower or even later era Sodom. This track seems more focused than the opener, has a definite groove to it that keeps your head bobbing, and one helluva guitar solo before a crushing break down! So far so good here with this new release.

The Enemy Below was the first track that I personally heard from this band, and since that first listen, I knew they were going to be releasing something great when this album was released. This track is a bit darker in feel than the previous songs. It has a almost foreboding vibe to it that gives you a sense of doom and gloom but they keep it heavy with driving drums in this one, which helps keep it fresh from beginning to end. and the end is, I must say, a fun treat to listen to when they change things up.

The following track, Preventable Genocide, beats you over the head with punishing drums and bass. this is a very aggressive song that goes right for your jugular. this track really seems to focus on the drums here, it even has a catchy break down or two here that showcases their drummers capabilities nicely. the entire mid section is absolutely filthy with its arrangements, excellent stuff here!

Coming in hard and heavy with yet another catchy opening is Resistance. This track is by far the most interesting track on this album in terms of arrangements and musical styling. it seems to have a almost prog/tech death approach in this track, but yet still retains that OSDM sound throughout. But, let's talk about the mid section break downs. This section is accompanied by some slick guitar solos strewn about that interweave through the riffs, damn that was a killer listen for this track and I recommend anyone to check this song out if only for the mid section through until the ending riffs of this track. Such a killer piece of metal music right there that had me rewinding it a few times over to enjoy it!

Okay, after that treat we have Flying Fortress. This one is a slower chug heavy song with an emphasis on the groove. This track gives off newer Decapitated vibes for me personally and I feel it would be a fun song to see performed live, especially the mid section break down and guitar solos. The back end of this song has some really interesting tempo changes that mix it up a bit and make for a really solid closer to this song.

Finally we have the title track, Demagoguery. This one presents to the listener a war-like march tempo until the shit hits the fan and explodes in your face with a very brutal attack from the drums and guitars. Once again this one has such a killer mid section with shred-tastic(yes I'm making up words now) guitar solos leading up to a great Slayer-esque styled closing out for this song and album.

This was a very entertaining ride on this cluster bomb of a release, exploding into my ear drums with such brutality that I had to listen to it twice over since I enjoyed it that much. This music makes it difficult for me to find many critiques for the band to read over, I didn't find much here to complain about honestly. I think the only thing I can say is that some of the songs sound a bit unfocused in structure. They all flowed nicely but some of the songs moments felt like it needed a little "something" to really pull it together and punch you in the face. Most songs had that, however, it was just a rare few moments where I found that I was expecting something heavy to hit me and drive a section home, but it didn't really deliver on the vibe and energy those moments seemed to be building up to. But, like I said, those moments were rare and few and shouldn't deter anyone from checking out this release and adding it to their collection because the heavy as all fuck moments throughout this album are cause enough to have you break your neck in the pits for these guys. This is another solid release and is worthy of a 8 out of 10 from me, i cant wait to hear future music from these guys and see how they hone their craft. You can check out their album, Demagoguery here! And remember to follow them on social media!

Review done by Joshuah Jones, the bassist of The Obsidian Resurrection

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Joshuah Jones
Joshuah Jones
Apr 03, 2023

Killer release, gents! 🤘

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