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Titanosaur In Search Of Fresh Meat

Review for the latest collection of releases from, Titanosaur, can be heard right here!

Dinosaurs, thunder lizards, behemoths, mammoths of biblical proportions, and mountains of flesh ripping talons and gnashing teeth, these giant lizards have always been a fascination of mine. From my earliest years I can remember playing with my action figures, GI Joe, He-Man and other toys, even cars, but always in the mix somehow would be dinosaurs running amok and wreaking havoc, eating and smashing all my toys and buildings I'd create with my legos and blocks, it was always the mighty T-Rex who won the day among the great battles within my toy kingdom, and if it so happened that I had a good guy somehow win the battle, the T-Rex would always find a way to come back out of nowhere to smash, rend, and tear another day, like the cheesy horror movie villains that never die and always come back like a bad case of herpes. STD's aside, the music of Titanosaur brings back those fond childhood memories of mine and they just so happen to coincide with my love for metal music since my dad got me in to metal at an early age. Wrecking shit with my toys while listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, you name it, my dad had it in his collection, and then some, is the way I can describe the music of Titanosaur. It's fun, heavy and destructive, and a good way to kill the afternoon, so let's do this shall we? It's time to see what the new slab of meat offered up by Titanosaur sounds like, will it be music to my ears? Read on.

First up on the chopping block is the single, I'm Still Here. The thick distortion that we here at Metal Incorporated have come to expect from Titanosaur comes roaring back and brings along with it the crunchy, yet clean tones that heighten the notes of the riffs. Pounding drums set the groove that play nicely with the stomping riffwork, think of the mighty T-Rex walking down the middle of a city while moving to his own groove and you might smell what I'm stepping in here in trying to explain the sound and vibes of this track, it has that classic, "walking riff" feel to it as it marches on. The hardcore meets punk style of early Peter Steele type of vocals are still present as in all of Titanosaur's music and as always, adds a nice touch to the tone of the guitars and blend in really well with the music. I'm Still Here is a slower paced song but retains the energy of the music through both the vocal delivery and the death marching groove of the drums and makes for a solid entry to a rather great catalog of tunes from this one man band.

What's Your Pleasure comes in next and it brings some rather interesting rhythm and movements with the pacing of the song. More upbeat, the drums are almost punky while the guitar riffs have a sort of rock-a-billy feel to them which works very well with the vocal delivery. A spacious groove-laden mid song movement keeps things fresh and very heavy in the veins of Monster Magnet or early GWAR. This song deserves to be treated right with some ample volume from your headphones or speakers, just appreciate that thick fuzz massaging your inner ear drums and let the groove take hold and wash over you. This is the kind of stuff that anyone can get in to and find something to like, I dare you to try and say otherwise, go on, give it a listen and try me. Just get in to the movement of the music and let it take over, this was a great, tasty jam!

Up next we have a heavier track titled, Beware. This song almost feels like it's borderline industrial metal, only without the industrial element, I know that makes no sense when reading these words, but give this song a listen and tell me you don't hear early Nine Inch Nails, but more fun, and without Trent's teenage angst bullshit, sobbing and screaming all over the place. The sound of the percussion stands at the forefront on this track and is used to good effect, that could be where I'm hearing the industrial elements since industrial relied heavily on percussion effects. Within the percussion, hammering away, the music has a nice feel to it and sort of fills out the "space" of the song in a rather trippy and heavy way, I hate to bring up more past band comparisons, but think of Astro-Creep era White Zombie. This song so far might be my stand out track, I have a few more to go over, but this one fills that void of classic shock rock that has been missing in the scene as of late since the likes of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson have slowly been losing their edge. This song really does harken back to the glory days of rock and roll and in a very good way!

Now we move on to the brand spanking new stuff from Titanosaur, The World Is On Fire is up next and this song has a very funky bass drive to it. The overdrive of the bass lends to the thick sounds of the main riff that moves back and forth and up and down with the tempo of the song dancing all over the place. With crunchy chugs of the guitar and fast strumming keeping the pacing nice and tight, the guitar harmonies that blend in with the vocals here, however, are the stars of this track on this one. The 90's approach to this music is very admirable, this music is walking that fine line of alternative rock, grunge, and metal, that sweet spot that many bands try to squeeze their way in to and oftentimes fail in doing so, making their music feel forced and generic, but not with Titanosaur, the music laid out here is cleverly assembled and done just right in such a way that it compliments all the aforementioned genres nicely without feeling forced or muddled in the delivery. A huge tip of my hat to you, sir, this is very well done!

The final track I'm going over here is titled, Free Your Mind. A slow and heavy approach to this song truly does amp up the vocals on this track and would make Lemmy smile down upon Titanosaur with this track. The vocals are delivered in such a iconic way that it makes this song feel like it belongs alongside those old dirty rock classics. The bass plays a nice part within the music and keeps things moving along with that bottom end groove and movement that pushes the riffs of the song in just the right ways to keep everything at peak level until the very last note is hit to close out this listening experience. This one I can see being a catchy crowd pleaser with the fists pumping in the air. A nice way to end this review for a great solo project that deserves much more attention from the metal and hard rock masses.

Titanosaur, the name says it all. This stuff has the riffs, the grooves, the hooks, the heavy parts, and the fun energy that we all come to expect from good rocking music. What more could you ask for? If after everything I have said within this review hasn't at least piqued your interest enough to check out the music offered here, then I honestly think that you, the reader, just might be dead inside. If you need a groovy kick in your keister to get you moving again, then go give Titanosaur a listen on their bandcamp page and follow them on their social media pages because this stuff is just good music, no matter how you slice it or try to pin it down in to one type of genre or another, it's just simply put, great music and deserves to find a place within your regular rotation. I give this collection of new singles from Titanosaur a 8 out of 10 on the banger scale(I should really come up with a better sounding name for this "scale" of mine, one that's less..... sexual sounding...). It fills that void within the rock scene that has been present for quite some time, where the bands all sound the same or try too hard to try to fit in to that sound of yesterday, you don't get any of that with Titanosaur, the music is front and center and takes charge of the moment with each change of tempo and riff, it brings in everything you want in to the picture and presents it in a unique way that only Titanosaur can deliver, that unique sound that you really need to hear to appreciate, so go and do it, now! I promise that you will find something to like about this band, It will crush you in all the right ways!

Also, along with some music videos I posted below, give the interview Titanosaur did with Metal For The Masses a listen as well with the Soundcloud link I provided.

Review done by Joshuah Jones, the bassist of The Obsidian Resurrection.

Interview with Titanosaur on Metal For The Masses:

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