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Interview With The Bog Monsters Themselves, Voidkeeper!

Metal Incorporated Records(Josh) - "Bleed Into Eternity" is an incredibly powerful and evocative track. Can you share the inspiration behind the song and its narrative?

Voidkeeper - Bleed into eternity was inspired by the never ending desire for the band to make progress. We looked towards our battles past and those that lay in front for the inspiration 

Josh - Nice take on the ups and downs of personal art as musicians. The song has a unique blend of various metal genres. How did you approach fusing blackened death metal with classic metal and doom elements in "Bleed Into Eternity"?

Voidkeeper - Honestly this is the tough part about making our music.  It’s never the complexity of the song.  It’s always how well we can blend our own interests and styles. Classics and doom tend to have an underlying groove many can get into. The rest just becomes taking guitar riffs and lining them up with harsh vocals

Josh - Could you delve into the symbolism and significance of sacrifice in the song's narrative? What message or emotions are you trying to convey to your listeners?

Voidkeeper - The idea of sacrifice in the song is vague. It reflects on the ancient ways of many cultures but also reflects on how in modern day it has a new personal meaning in each of our lives.

Josh - I can see that. The song seems to have a highly atmospheric and immersive quality. How do you go about creating such an ominous atmosphere in your music?

Voidkeeper - Atmosphere is a huge element in our music.  It allows our listeners to form their own narratives and discover their own emotions the tracks can convey. Life is inherently hard for most of us. As well as many of our listeners. So we channel that negative energy in a way that leaves perception to the listeners 

Josh - Struggle is the blood of many peices of art throughout time. Speaking of which, the cover art for "Bleed Into Eternity" is visually striking. Can you tell us more about the creative process behind the artwork and how it ties into the song's themes?

Voidkeeper - Our artwork has always tied into the theme of being “the Voidkeeper “.  An element of ourselves,  the mental voids we live through. This albums artwork is the reflection of the common man. Of you, of me. It's the perpetual decay of life.

Josh - Interesting, "Bleed Into Eternity" is the opening track for your album. Can you share the connection between this song and the rest of the album's tracks?

Voidkeeper - Bleed into Eternity was created to encompass the experience of the void as a whole. The Eternity reflects on the length of life, and how we bleed into it, slowly aging until we become one with the void. In reference to the album, the title sums up the lengthy struggles we portray in each song.

Josh - How did the songwriting process for "Bleed Into Eternity" unfold? Do you all contribute to the songwriting, or is there a primary songwriter in the band?

Voidkeeper - Typically, like most of our work, the foundations are laid out by our Guitarist Alexander Gunn. After discussing themes, Alex presents a basic track and riff work to Mark, our drummer.  The two of them usually build the song to a point where our bassist and vocalist can write their parts having a mostly completed render in front of them. Each member always has creative freedom in the process, though Mark and Alex typically lead the charge 

Josh - Creative freedom within a band is crucial to capture the bands unique sound, for sure. So, your biography mentions that VOIDKEEPER hails from Massachusetts. How has your geographical location influenced your music and style?

Voidkeeper - Massachusetts is home to many historical mishaps. The Salem witch trials being the most mainstream event.  We have “The Bridgewater triangle” which was a large portion of the state were tens and tens of thousands of native Americans where slaughtered. Much of that ground is considered haunted and historically paranormal.  Add in deep northern forests, mountains and harsh terrain.  Massachusetts is our home of tragedy, myth, legend and lore. 

Josh - A brewing cauldron of sorts of metal energies, nice! Could you elaborate on the elements of traditional heavy metal, doom metal, and black metal in your music? How do you balance these influences to create a unique sound?

Voidkeeper - Our Guitarist Alex has the task of blending in his taste in Death metal, with Marks taste of black metal. Our bassist and vocalists, share another band “Witches Tears” which is a heavy doom band.  We found by combining Bowens bass style in doom, with more traditional heavy metal, we could lay a foundation.  Alex then writes heavier riffs over that foundation pushing us into the death metal realm. Marks drumming seemingly ties that all together.  Lastly Garreth’s vocal style of harsh, banshee vocals blend in the chaos that so many love in black metal. 

Josh - VOIDKEEPER's music is described as a symphony of brutality. Can you share your perspective on the balance between melody and heaviness in your songs?

Voidkeeper - We see brutality in two ways. The first being musically.  We try to create tracks that have an ominous feel. Using melody to create atmosphere . Using tones that create that heavily distorted goodness. Song and riff structure/placement also plays a huge roll. The second way is emotionally. We want our listeners to be transported into chaos, anger, sadness, despair etc. We want folks to feel in the hearts what their minds wish to express. Combined they create the heavy atmosphere that we aim for.

Josh - "Eternal Decay" was your inaugural EP. How do you feel your sound has evolved since then, and what can fans expect from your upcoming work?

Voidkeeper - Eternal Decay was our way of learning how we could best achieve our genre bending.  To gauge what worked best, what people liked most.  From there we have used data and opinion to dig in and really define the collective sound. Fans can expect more complex music, longer songs, deeper concepts and more blending of genres in the future.

Josh - Each member of the band brings a unique element to VOIDKEEPER. Can you tell us how your individual influences and backgrounds contribute to the band's overall sound?

Voidkeeper - Alex lends us his incredible ability to match each of our own skill levels. His riff work and mind for tone quality heavily contributes to our sound.  His love of traditional deathmetal and black metal leads the charge.  Bowen’s bass tactics bring in many elements of Doom. Full bass sweeps, bring energy but a classic and classy sound backs Alex well. Bowen also uses a wide variety of effects to compliment his position in relation to guitar work. His musical background stretches far beyond the realm of metal.  Mark’s influence blends classic heavy metal drums, hardcore beatdowns, double kick and blasting from black metal and fill work from old school death metal.  The perfect blending tool to mash our influences together.  Lastly Garreth’s vocal styles stem from the early waves of black metal, the range of doom metal, and is very inspired by classic horror movies. He has an uncanny ability to push screams longer than 30 seconds as well.

Josh - Nice! What's the significance of the band's name, VOIDKEEPER? Does it have a deeper meaning or concept behind it?

Voidkeeper - The name “Voidkeeper” generally means that we are responsible for our lives.  It means the good comes with the bad, the struggle with the pain, the hope with the despair. We are all the keepers of our own voids. The rulers of our own lives. However no one ever leaves that void. We are bound to it for eternity.  We feel many can relate. The more people that accept that their lives and emotions are theirs to keep, theirs to live out, the better place the world can be.

Josh - I really like that. And lastly, what's next for VOIDKEEPER? Any upcoming projects, shows, or plans that your fans should be excited about?

Voidkeeper - After this album, Voidkeeper has a special project lined up for 2024. Straying away from the traditional album, we plan to create a 3 song trilogy. Modeled after our EP title track, Eternal Decay.  We are planning on guest features and many new concepts and play styles to be involved in the process. But we can’t disclose too many secrets just yet! 

Josh - Can't wait to hear it!

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