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The Return Of The Norse

The latest from, Kattlik, will have you sharpening your blade!

Kattlik is a band that I have had the pleasure of reviewing in the past. They bring a rock solid metal foundation to each track they release, and Norrtaget is no slacker! Norrtaget comes in with the heavy grooves and the catchy hooks. Reminiscent of their past works, they remeain true to form within their unique song writing formula, blending a deep bottom end sound with a pummeling approach to their simple formula of creating riffs that beat your brain matter to a messy pulp. The grooves I mentioned here are accompanied by some punishing drumwork and vicious vocal attacks, this is a strong contender for one of their best releases so far that I have heard and I implore the lot of you to not only give this song a listen, but to listen to their complete work so far that they have released, because these songs all seem to be within the same vein and feel like one coherent musical movement, like the music belongs to some norse opus of some sort.

Kattlik seems to be on a hot streak here with their releases, I'm beginning to wonder if it's in the water from their area of southern Sweden, or maybe it's in the air down there, but they just keep releasing fantastic songs one after the other. If I were to compare this to anything else, I'd say that it's a blending of older Amon Amarth with some Entombed, Unleashed and Bathory on the side, and maybe with a dash of Bolt Thrower mixed in the cauldron of metal juices. Give this fantastic song a listen and follow them on their socials to show these norseman some love because, I for one am looking forward to their next release!

If you have yet to discover Kattlik, I highly suggest that you check out their previous releases here because you will not be disappointed, I mean, unless you DON'T like kick ass metal, no judging here..... you just suck, I guess. They have been working hard the last few years and you can hear their blood, sweat, and mead that they have poured into each one of their songs and I personally raise my horn to their growing impressive catalog of tunes.

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